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Turn Mechanical Power Into Fluid Power With a Gear Pump

Gear pumps are essential pieces of equipment in many different applications. These items use the meshing of gears to pump fluid--some can even be used with high viscosity fluids. Using the right pump in your industrial applications can help you streamline the process. Having the right pump on hand can also help you recover from flooding or spills.

Type of Pump

There are many different types of liquiflo gear pump which can handle different materials, viscosities and motors. This means that once you know what type you have, you can more easily replace it. The type of pump can refer to the make and model of the unit as well as which types of fluids, viscosities, and pressures it is rated to. You can usually find this information in your user’s manual or in your equipment specifications.

Type of Gears

There are internal and external gear couplings which can create different types of pumps and assemblies. For instance, an internal coupling means that a smaller gear resides inside of a larger one and meshes along the inside rim. This configuration usually results in a circular shaped pump whereas an external coupling will usually have a more oblong shape.

Type of Liquid

The right pump can help you move everything from crude oil to food-grade honey. But you will want to make sure that you know whether the fluid you are moving can corrode the type of pump you get, whether it is too viscous for the pump or motor and whether the fluid requires a pressure higher than the pump can handle. Most of the time, your pump vendor will have the specifications listed so that you can compare that list to your needs.

A gear pump can help you streamline your industrial processes, deliver components to your assemblies or even help you move fluid to where it belongs. They are used in everything from manufacturing to disaster relief. Finding the right pump for your needs means looking at the types of pumps, gears, and liquids involved.


Photo credit: unsplash-logoDenny Müller

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