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Streamlining the Texas Liquor License Process

You have everything in place and are ready to open the doors for business, but the lack of a liquor license is not only preventing you from sales, but the licensing process also has you procrastinating and confused. To ease the pain, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with how to obtain an alcohol license in Dallas, TX so you can move forward with confidence.

Get Your Licensure Packet

Maybe not the most entertaining read you will experience, but getting the official packet from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission office is a necessity, and it has everything you need to get started. It will take some patience and commitment to fill everything out accurately, so give yourself ample space and time to complete the required materials.

Make Your Intentions Clear

As you wait up to two months to hear from the TABC, make sure you notify the public that you have applied for a license. Choose a location that can be easily seen by all who pass by, and post the notice so it cannot be removed or damaged. If you are unclear about this requirement and how to go about it, the TABC has advice and guidelines available for you to follow.

Arrange for Inspections and Interviews

As early as you can, get the required inspections and interviews scheduled so you do not need to suffer any unnecessary delays. Consider all business partners and legal counsel that may need to be in attendance for meetings with the TABC and make sure they can be available at the arranged dates and times.

Ultimately, applying for your liquor license is an achievable goal and well within your scope of capability. However, if the going gets rough, keep in mind that professional services do exist that can provide helpful counsel and a kind word when needed. It may feel like an uphill challenge, but it will be worth it in the end.


Photo credit: unsplash-logoBoban Ninkovic

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