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A Professional Car Wash Prevents Acid Rain Damage

Acid rain can affect the paint on a car if proper prevention steps aren't taken. In order to fully protect an automobile, motorists must understand what is considered acid rain and how the water harms delicate automotive materials.

Acid Rain Information

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, acid rain is a mixture that includes a variety of wet and dry materials that generate in the atmosphere. This mixture usually has increased levels of sulfuric and nitric acids.

However, in many cases, anything that drops during a weather event can be considered acid rain if harsh elements are generated throughout the process. When any kind of acid rain settles on a car, the toxic elements could slowly damage the exterior components. Also, if rain with a high acidity level isn't washed off a car quickly, the paint will chip away shortly before the metal on the vehicle weakens.

How Acid Rain Harms a Vehicle

Acid rain damage happens when the acidic components settle on a car once the water evaporates. When intense sunlight shines on the acidic elements, the heat can make the chemicals eat through the paint and metal on an automobile.

Although acid rain can harm all vehicles, automobiles that have a thin coat of paint damage more easily. Glossy coatings aren't very strong, so harsh acid rain eats through the weak coating with ease. Typically, vehicles that were designed in the 1990s have this kind of glossy coating, and the process of detecting acid rain damage when it occurs on the paint is simple. Typically, if there are irregularly shaped etches on the paint finish, acid rain has impacted the protective coating.

Prevention Strategies

The best way to prevent acid water damage is by seeking car wash maintenance regularly. If professional car wash maintenance California can't be done on a regular basis, simply wash the car with a commercial-grade soap and a hose. In order to prevent damage that could occur after a car is washed, place a proper automobile cover on the vehicle.

Overall, acid rain can make a vehicle less appealing because the toxic elements destroy metal and paint. However, by pursuing car wash maintenance, acid rain won't harm the exterior elements.


Photo credit: Flora Szaloki of

This article is copyright © Reprint and reproduction not permitted.

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