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5 Problems Facing the EU in 2017

The European Union has always strived to build a community of nations within the European continent since its inception in 1993. Since that time period, the joining of 28 nations has helped strengthen the global economy and maintain a period of peace. The union was made even stronger when in 2002, 12 members adopted a uniform currency, the euro. Since that time period, the European Union has been challenged by a changing political and economic atmosphere all over the world. Here are problems facing the European Union in 2017.

1. Refugees

One of the biggest challenges facing the nations in this union is the refugee crisis. In 2015, war and instability throughout the Middle East and North Africa forced hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children to seek political asylum in Europe. Countries in the union have struggled to accept such a large influx of people, stretching many resources. Some countries have been more affected than others, with Greece, Hungary, and Austria being part of the migratory route. Now, countries like Germany and Sweden are having trouble helping refugees settle and adapt to European life.

2. Debt

The debt crisis began in 2009 after the global recession took hold of regions around the world. Debt in countries like Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain may begin affecting businesses abroad, even some in the United States. Doing business in these countries may be a challenge more in the future as well. With the new presidential administration promising to close corporate tax loopholes, expect to see a demand for more legal experts with graduate study credentials from places like USC. Learn more about how businesses can set themselves up for success to tackle these situations.

3. Russia

Russia has been quietly moving forward with several different strategies that have been aggressive to some of Europe's sovereign states. With Vladimir Putin's leadership, Russia has taken over sovereign territory in Crimea and continues to arm itself defensively. Russia's peaceful neighbors are showing signs of concern and are looking to public policy leaders to provide assistance. Countries around the world are seeking top brains from programs like USC to help deal with these problems. Learn more about USC's online mpa degree to see how studying public administration prepares students for issues like this.

4. Terrorism

Another hot topic in Europe is terrorism. With the recent attacks from ISIS in Nice, Paris, Brussels, and other parts of Europe, daily life has become much more regulated and policed. As the fight against ISIS continues to go beyond its Syrian origins, more people may encounter terror during their travels. Experts predict that terror attacks in Europe may continue into 2017 and beyond.

5. Nationalism

Lastly, nationalism in the European Union is starting to see a comeback in places like France, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. Even Great Britain, which recently voted to exit the European Union, has prioritized their own interests above the rest of the European community. This trend with countries leaning to the right may expand.

The European Union may struggle to survive the next few challenges that threaten its very existence. As the world stage changes, this union of nations must adapt in order to stay together.


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